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Conversation Between Alpha Motoring and PureWorks
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  1. PureWorks
    03-27-2009 04:51 PM
    I have a M7 carbon fiber spiltter. I painted it PS to keep the "look" of my car, and added a chrome edge, and "works" centerpiece. I want to say it was $349. You can buy it at M7 or custom mini shop online.
    I have since had to replace the front bumper so I decided not to use the struts and drill the bumper again. To do this I cut 1 1/2" off the back to ensure stability and actually like it a whole lot it a european look as it extends about an inch from the aero bumper. No real functionality, just "looks".
    Personally given the look of your car and unless you have some CF in other places, if you buy one, paint it PW, cut it back and get a black trim for the front of the spiltter. It would look great on your car.

    I just took mine off yesterday, because I was thinking of adding a pinstripe on the back side of the chrome, and now I'm diggin the "no" lip look.

    Let me know if you might want to buy mine for $200 plus shipping just in case



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