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Dave 04-09-2006 10:42 PM

San Diego BMWCCA Autocross June 3/4
The San Diego Chapter of BMWCCA is having a TWO DAY autocross on June 3 and 4. You can participate on either or both days. On June 3rd BMWs and MINIs are given preference in registration. June 4th is open to anyone with no preference given to the BMW/MINI owners.

You must be a BMWCCA member ($40 and totally worth it for the Roundel magazine and the chapter newsletters).

Cost for one day is $45 per day.

LOCATION: Qualcomm West Lot (San Diego)
TIMES: gates open at 6:30, registration closes at 8:30.

CLASSING: the San Diego chapter has one MINI COOPER class, so all the MINIs are thrown into the mix against each other (supercharger or not).

Casper42 04-21-2006 03:57 PM

Is there other info posted anywhere else about this??
I am definitely interested, provided my wife doesn't go into labor around that time!


Dave 04-21-2006 04:00 PM

Welcome to m|u.

It would be great to have another MINI out at the event.

This is everything that is posted currently on the San Diego BMWCCA site about the two day autocross


Special 2 Day Autocross at Qualcomm West Lot (June 3-4)
We will have a special two day autocross. The Saturday event will be our normal format, with BMWs given preference and a full array of trophys. Sunday will be open to all cars on a first come first served basis. Please have a look at the rules for signing up for one or both days. For details about the event, see the autocross rules rules and the trophy classifications. If you are new to autocrossing, here are some tips about the event.

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