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Ducati Pilot 03-24-2015 12:17 AM

A new aftermarket seat question
I'm swapping the (effing TERRIBLE) seats in my R50 for some comfy, supportive aftermarket reclining sport seats. I've already fabbed the airbag resistor leads, BUT... What about occupancy sensors in an 02 R50? I want both driver and passenger front airbags to function in an impact which I understand can only happen if the car thinks an ass is planted in the respective seat. One post said there are three leads under the seat, one for airbag (yellow) and two for the belts. (And I'm fine with a chimex or fastening the passenger belt if necessary.) Is the second belt harness for an occupancy sensor, and if so, or not, do you simply leave the circuit open, install another resistor jumper, or what? Thanks again for a great resource.

Rally 03-24-2015 04:20 PM

It's been a long while since I had an 02 R50....but 02s didn't have occupancy sensors did they?

Ducati Pilot 03-24-2015 11:31 PM

Not from what I've read. But how does the system know to turn on the fasten seat belt light when someone sits? It has to have something. Just not the PIA pressure sensors from 05/06. Someone MUST have installed aftermarket seats in an R50/53. So....does the seat belt light still come on when you sit? If it doesn't then the airbags aren't activated, at least in the passenger seat. This is a real concern. Someone help out?

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