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iDiaz 09-09-2007 07:34 PM

PS3 Friend Registry
Surprised that this one isn't up yet... so I'll start things off. My username is diazivan.


Sony added account linking between Playstation Underground and PSN accounts, so you can display your status live (including what game you're currently playing). Sign up here. Here's my live account status:

Louisxiii 09-09-2007 09:59 PM

Here's mine... LouTreize

Games to hook up with...Calling All Cars (Ivan u gotta get it), F1, Motorstorm and Tiger Woods 08.

MINImort 09-12-2007 04:44 PM

I'm either minimort or MINImort

Right now I just do some Resistance and Rainbow Six: Vegas a few nights a week

xbook 09-12-2007 04:56 PM

PSN name is xbook

I'll play F1, Warhawk, Resistance, Calling All Cars, Tiger Woods '08, and the sega hockey game from last year online. In fact, gonna put my contacts on right now, and go fire up the PS3 and something else. Then it's KILL KILL KILL in Warhawk.


yellowbritishrocket 09-12-2007 06:21 PM

my PSN id is MINIsandpirate

rjive 09-12-2007 06:51 PM

my PSN id is rjive

BrodyD 09-24-2007 10:10 PM

Anyone beat heavinly sword yet?

alden 09-25-2007 02:26 AM

I am cmyblack

cmyk and golden_child weren't available

ScottinBend 09-26-2007 02:18 PM

Well I just got my PS3 and I am scottinbend (original ain't it)

MINImort 11-19-2007 06:43 PM

anyone else online?

Bishamon 11-22-2007 04:04 PM

My PSN ID is 'BishamonPS', but I'm not online very often.

thebestever 11-23-2007 01:53 PM

i am! i am!

i created my own profile... peep me here:


RFIbanez 11-30-2007 09:57 PM

I'm dumkoff13...I'm usually playing Call of Duty 4 online

rjive 12-09-2007 10:20 PM

Ok, I think I've gone through and added everyone. I've been addicted to Call of Duty 4 so you'll probably find me on that these days

simplygriff 12-27-2007 05:18 PM

I'm simplygriff. Haven't gotten the network all set up on the PS3 itself but got my id and stuff squared away at the online store. I think the only game I have that's online right now is DiRT.

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