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Camaro 12-19-2017 05:51 AM

Here's the story of landing a dream car. It was the wednesday before Memorial Day weekend, I was in the shitter while on my lunch break. I was browsing a facebook for sale group called 500hp+ for sale. I happened upon an ad for a Evo 8 in Miami, FL. So I text the owner asking if it was still available. He said it was, we get to talking which led me to on impulse book a ticket for Miami that friday. The previous owner was caught off guard by how serious I was about my interest in the car. So I fly out meet him at his engine builders house, go for a test drive first pull 2nd and part of 3rd had me sold. So I poker face put my hand out and say I will take it. I go back to my rental car to retrieve a cashiers check that I had drawn up just in case which I did in fact use it. So that is a cliff notes version of the story of how I ended up with a dream car. I am continuing the build up of the car with changes here and there. I also have been keeping in contact with the previous owner.

2003 Mitsubishi Evolution 8 (acquired with 43k on chassis and 2k on fresh engine build)

- Supertech valvetrain
- Kelford 272 cams
- JDC COP Ignition
- ID2000 injectors
- AWD T3 Turbo manifold with Precision 6262 and 46mm Precision Wastegate
- Wiseco E85 10.5:1 pistons with tool steel wrist pins
- Manely Turbo-Tuff rods
- ACL Race bearings
- Exedy Triple Disc clutch
- Tial Q50 BOV
- Surge tank with Twin Bosch 044 pumps and twin in-tank lift pump
- ETS 4in core black anodized intercooler with 2.5in piping (change I made)
- STM Stainless exhaust (change I made)
- Torque Solutions motor mounts (change I made)
- Ohlin's Road and Track coilovers (change I made)
- Girodisc rotors with Porterfield R4 pads (change I made)
- CAE shifter (change I made)
- Works Bell hub adapter with Raffix II quick release (change I made)
- OMP SuperQuadro steering wheel (change I made)

- Currently putting 700awhp@38psi on E85

Need to get a newer engine bay picture

Its a full blown alcoholic

Finally got my personalized plates after 10 weeks.

Dropped by an iconic house to the automotive community.

LowCountry S 12-20-2017 11:40 AM

hmmm sounds like a blast...local guy has one that pushes about the same HP , AND its motor came out of FL also.........

werD 12-22-2017 02:18 AM

Damn, that's some fun times right there - color me jealous as I'd love to have an Evo.

MartijnGizmo 12-22-2017 09:59 AM

Must be awesome to own your dream car, nice back story as well! :)

Partsman 01-03-2018 03:35 AM

That’s your dream car?

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