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KiLO 08-31-2007 12:56 AM

motoring|underground RSS Feed!
Hey all...

The following link is a link to the motoring|underground forum's RSS feed.

I know a lot of you guys use RSS feed readers and stuff to stay updated on the forums like I've started to do, so we figured it'd be smart to post this for you all to use... Enjoy!

Louisxiii 08-31-2007 05:12 PM

:77: :77: :77: FINALLY!!

Louisxiii 08-31-2007 05:13 PM

Wait a guys always had :confused:

Xanthus 02-02-2008 07:45 AM

That's kinda cool, I never messed with those before. Care to give a run down to me and any others who aparantly have been living under a rock?

stoopidgirl 02-03-2008 01:24 AM

I don't know anything about RSS, I always hear people talk about it but I'm clueless as well

OldnSlow 02-03-2008 02:10 AM

works just great on Firefox 2! Thanks.

KiLO 02-03-2008 04:52 AM

Hey Xanthus... Check this out...

That's just to tide you over until I can offer a more detailed explanation... :tu:

Konstantinos 06-24-2008 07:58 AM

For those on a Mac, the best RSS reader I've come across thus far is NewsFire -- not to mention, there are plenty of other great free ones out there for both Mac and 'Doze.

An RSS reader is an 'aggregator' that collects information from various websites--ones you have chosen it to collect from--and displays that information in a quick preview-version layout.

RSS is more widely used for reading news stories. For example, you can link your reader to display all current news stories from CNN.

OldnSlow 06-24-2008 02:38 PM

RSS = Really Simple Syndication

Konstantinos 06-26-2008 09:16 PM

Question: is there an RSS feed for ALL new messages, or all new messages in ONLY subscribed threads? That would be truly helpful. TIA :D

allmotorking 06-26-2008 11:16 PM

i believe it is for all messages.

Konstantinos 06-27-2008 05:10 AM


Originally Posted by allmotorking (Post 324257)
i believe it is for all messages.

Currently the posted link is for all new threads.

I'd like one with all new messages in threads I've subscribed to. Is there a way to write an RSS feed for that?

Comasynthesis 06-30-2009 07:55 PM

I'd also like to have an "all new messages" feed. :)

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