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RallyFox 05-29-2012 07:11 PM

Anyone going to PAX Prime?
Anyone going to PAX Prime this year?

RallyFox 09-14-2012 07:05 PM

I thought I would share a little bit of my PAX trip about some of the game stuff I saw and played.

Halo 4:
They showed off CTF, Oddball, and Grifball at teh Halo reborn panel, with CTF playable on the show floor.
Halo 4 looks awesome. Lots of revamps to make the game faster. 343 has done a ton of little things to help speed up the game like tagging weapons on screen and things like the flag carrier in CTF. Also now in objective games like CTF, lets say your the wheelman in a Warthog bringing the flag carrier back to base, when he scores everyone in the Hog gets credit for it. And the flag carrier is no longer helpless at range, pick up the flag and you auto pull out a magnum (called the flagnum). And the flag is auto pickup now, same with the oddball. They also showed off passing the oddbal and passing in Grifball. Over at the site I work for we are incredibly excited about this as it's going to completely change how we play the game.
Speaking of the Warthog btw, it sounds badass now. Now more electic vehicle whine, it sounds like it's running with open headers. The handling in it seems to have changed too, it feels a lot less bouncy but you can still drift and powerslide around.
Halo 4 drops November 6th.

Borderlands 2 comes out next week and its the talk of the town right now. Of all the games at PAX, this was the only one that was almost impossible to get in to. AT 11 am on Friday the line was capped and nobody else was allowed to line up.
If you played Borderlands 1 and loved it, well you in for more of the same, just a lot better, bigger, and MORE GUNS!!
Borderlands 2 will be out Sept 18

Assasins Creed 3....I didn't play it. I watched it and walked passed the booth enough times to get tired of the Frag Dolls outside trying to get me to come in. Basically if you liked the previous games you will probably like this one too. I myself have gotten kind of tired of it as it seems repetetive but the story has had my interest for awhile now. Anyways the visuals and story of the game seem to be pretty good and even though I'm not getting this one at launch i probably will pick it up eventually. (I know great review huh, lol)

Forza Horizon looked and played good, I wrote about it in it's thread.

This PAX didn't seem to have as much for console gamers as last years, PC gamers had a ton of shit though, but I'm not a PC gamer.

Really for me the Halo 4 stuff was the big announcment and what I spent most of my time with. If your a Halo fan you will love H4. If your one of the COD guys that doesn't like Halo i think you should give it a shot because all of the changes have made the game much more faster and a lot more intense.

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