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werD 12-29-2016 09:14 PM

Replace the iPad or get a Surface?
Random query here...

My iPad Air cooked itself over the holiday weekend and needs a new mobo ($200+ depending on self repair or pay repair). While it worked fine, I'm toying with getting a slightly older Microsoft Surface 3 (maybe not even the 3 Pro, just the 3).


The Surface is definitely more productivity focused vs. the iPad in my opinion, which might be better for work needs. And while it isn't as slick in many respects (the MS App Store is not very good), I think it may do a fine job at streaming video, email, Web surfing, etc - much like the previous iPad Air.

But, I have a decent investment in iOS apps and other Apple gear (AppleTV, which I can still get via Microsoft using AirParrot) that make me more keen on getting an iPad.

So, wondering if anyone is using a Surface in a mixed environment and can provide input.

I'm budget constrained, thus not even looking at an iPad Pro or Surface 4...

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