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MyDDtracktoy 03-10-2011 06:38 PM

VW enters WRC with Polo

Cant wait to see the wrc polo, but it kinda makes me think- compared with the ds3, fiesta, and the polo, will the countryman have a size and weight disadvantage?

hardingsan 03-10-2011 06:47 PM

interesting. i just saw this somewhere else.

my story had pics too. :P

i think this is the S2000 version

MyDDtracktoy 03-10-2011 07:28 PM

Oops im a lil late haha

hardingsan 05-06-2011 01:50 AM

it's official, see you in 2013. hopefully by then it's mini you're gunning for... :P


The all-wheel-drive Polo R WRC will be powered by a turbocharged 1.6-liter engine, which Volkswagen expects will produce around 300 horsepower. Volkswagen Motorsport has high hopes for its WRC Polo, and hopefully the team can draw on the success that VW experienced with rallying in the 1980s. In 1986, a Volkswagen GTI was the winning car in the newly formed Group A. Look for the Volkwagen Polo R WRC to try and capture some of that former glory starting with the 2013 WRC season.

hardingsan 05-06-2011 01:56 AM

just because it's interesting...

mini hardtop - 12.21 feet
clubman - 12.9 feet
countryman - 13.48 feet

vw polo - 13.02 feet
vw golf - 13.82 feet

rlnewby 05-06-2011 03:00 AM

It is weird to think of the polo being larger then the MCS.

But it is cool to see more competion in WRC

2phun 05-06-2011 04:58 AM

VW GTI 13.82 ft

So many sharp hot hatches out there! Wish more were available stateside.

Pir8 97 05-06-2011 11:51 AM

By the time the Polo stars competing MINI should be fielding the 2-door Countryman, the Paceman.

hardingsan 05-06-2011 11:56 AM


Originally Posted by rlnewby (Post 684329)
It is weird to think of the polo being larger then the MCS.

i thought it was weird to see that the countryman was less than 6 inches longer than the polo. :P

Pir8 97 05-06-2011 12:21 PM

and that my GTI is bigger than the Countryman.

Pobsey 05-06-2011 02:44 PM

The weight wont be a problem as the countryman is at the FIA minimum of 1200kg. The current polo is quite abit bigger than the previous model. You see one next to a mk2 golf and they are similar in size!

allmotorking 05-10-2011 05:42 AM

It's great to see more manufacturers back in Rally. Subaru just filed the R4 homologation papers so that's another big one. I'm just waiting on Toyota and a few other manufacturers to pull the trigger.

maxmini 05-30-2011 07:06 AM

VW to enter WRC
Just heard tonight they will be back in 2013 for five years with the Polo.


Flamez 05-30-2011 02:15 PM

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