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JB-dang-tapp 06-01-2018 02:34 AM

Spark plug shot out of engine repair blunder
So my 04 R53 did it, #1 sparknplug shot out of engine.

I bought the time cert kit, began the repair and didnít stop tapping the hole.

Now the tap is in my engine any thoughts on how to get it out without taking off the head.

I bought some strong magnets and put them in a socket.

If Iím patient with it will the tap back out?


Please help, all comments are appreciated.

BlwnAway 06-02-2018 02:27 AM

Unfortunately the only way besides pulling the head is to reverse spin it, problem is, there's no taper on the finish end of taps, so it will take much careful alignment to get the threads to restart.

werD 06-02-2018 04:01 PM

Ouch. Yeah - you're in the removal of head zone...

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