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My new Nitrous Management unit got back to me, so that'll go right back in when I get off work today.

New steering wheel due to be here Wed.

Click the image to open in full size.

Once I get it I can start my fab. work for it, should only take a couple of weekends, and once that's in, everything will finally be done.

Since the delay on the push button thing I've re-thought my stages & operation of the system, my original plan was to do this:
2 Stages, 2 push buttons:
Button 1 - stage 1, 35-55 shot, 3500-6800 rpm
Button 2 - stage 1&2 combined, with an additional (stage 2) 35-55 shot, 5000-6800
But I think I'll start off like this for now & see how it works out.
3 Stages, 2 push buttons:
Button 1 - stage 1, 35-55 shot, 3500-6800 rpm.
Button 2 - stage 2, 45-65 shot, 3500-6800 rpm
Buttons 1&2 together - stage 3, with a combined total of what ever I end up with. (prob. still no more than 100 combined, but we'll see)
I just figure this will give me more options by being able to activate either controller independantly, and still together, if I choose, the biggest factor will still be traction in 2nd gear, right now I'm getting a consistant 19.8 lbs of boost from 4500 & up, so don't know how a 65 shot in 2nd will work out at lower speeds. (allthough, I have to admit, breaking traction @ 50mph on dry pavement may be fun, strictly for the "schwing" factor...... I'm still 16 way too much.....
I'll get another 3rd party hosting site eventually...

Just hope the old one dies a fiery death.
But I'm not bitter....

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