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Originally Posted by Flamez View Post
So what do you think so far?
It's definitely better, but that's no feat.

I think I need to add a noise surpressor. Just need to work out if it should be between the battery and the amp, or between the amp (providing power to) the head unit.

Next up, I have to replace the rear speakers. They're crap. I'll also see if I can re-enforce their mounting positions as currently the rear parcel shelf is a flimsy bit of board.

There are focal splits in the front. I think they'll be ok, but I'll also see if I can get a little sound deadening in there and a solid mount around the speaker.

There's some small dents in the doors, so I'll get the paint-less dent repair guy around before I start sticking sound deadening in there.

Originally Posted by MartijnGizmo View Post
Nice upgrade, good job on getting the wiring to look neat as well!

Radio doesn't look out of place in the interior. A friend of mine spent ages finding a retro looking stereo for his Peugeot 205 GTi, he went with a Continental unit in the end.

I think the Continental unit and this one have the same 'guts', just with different fascias. I wonder if the Conti unit would suit the 964 better with the orange lighting...

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