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Ok. SO I have a spare wheel/tire, the battery, and I keep a jumper box in there. The car came with a big bulky subwoofer and amp also and I'd like to do away with having them just rustling around in the boot loosly. I plan to keep some minor tools in the ca, but generally.... I want to clean it up. I want to just take out the full sized spare all together. I figure I'll only be doing city driving, and everything in town is about 6 minutes from my house, so if I do get a flat, I can have my girlfriend give me a ride to the house to get the spare. So... with that said, I want to mount the amp on the lower side of the parcel shelf above everything and out of view. It will breathe and keep it out of sight. Then make a smaller box for the 10" subwoofer. It'll sit on top of the false floor I'm gonna build and somehow get secured there. Then I'll have an access panel for the battery, and drill a little hole for the battery cutoff switch.

In the end I want it to look a LOT like the picture below, but I'll have the sub sitting on top, and access for the battery (Also covered in carpet and not really noticeable.

Click the image to open in full size.
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