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Originally Posted by MtyMous View Post
I know Ashboomstick is playing because I've beaten his license record times.
Congrats, you beat a guy who was way too drunk to be legally driving a real car. Sometimes lousy crash damage simulation comes in handy!

Originally Posted by MtyMous View Post
I'm a pretty big fan of 6. It's got far more realistic physics, and it's a lot more driveable. I had some issues with 5 because some of the cars were so uncontrollable that it wasn't even fun.
I agree. On GT5 the one event on the Top Gear track in either the Elise or Exige ( I cant remember which one) I could never even get past the first corner without crashing or running off the course. Frustrating as hell.

As for a rig, a relatively cheap way to go is is with the Wheel Stand Pro mounts. I've got one for my Logitech wheel and I've really liked it. Sturdy and doesn't move around when you're playing.
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