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Great read. It all kinda applies to all the skill related hobbies I have had over the years. From autoX to paintball and even my medeival fighting, what starts as fear becomes the subconsious guide while you have to be totally focused on your current situation. It keeps you sharp enough (hopefully) to stay on your game and deal with things as fast as they can change on you. The focus escapes the fear, the fear remains in the back of your mind to "red flag" the next variable you have to adapt to. Well at least that is the way for me.

For driving alone, especially situations like the Dragon it has me starting my runs relaxed and slowly building my speed. I do not have that fear in auto-x as a dead cone is nothing compared to flying off a mountain.

This is my first really looking into one of these things and i think it was great timing for a really good read.
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