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Good reads, for sure. I raced a classic Mini for 12 years in SCCA, but am not too active anymore, except for some track days.
I think one of the keys is having confidence in your equipment (as witnessed by several drivers' statements) - the sound construction of the car, protection of the driver, and the driver's safety equipment - suit, helmet, Hans device, etc. And the safety and medical support team at the track, although no one really wants to think too much about that.
If one has that confidence, fear should disappear. No fear is what you want. The challenge of the car, the track, putting together the perfect lap, going faster than all the rest. Focus. No fear. Pushing to the limit, sometimes beyond. Look at the current F1 magazine and the stories about the top 100 drivers of all time. They commonly went beyond the limit. Transcending fear. Transforming fear into fantastic driving going beyond what anyone ever thought possible.

peter, old but still fast!
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