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Originally Posted by not-so-rednwhitecooper View Post

I was running 2.5-3 degrees of negative camber in the rear. Thats where I liked it the best.
Cool, seems to be a popular choice round here. I'm assuming because of how low they go right? Ahh I see, well I hate understeer and love lift off oversteer (hence the competition rear bar and stock front) so the camber at the back is giving me loads of rear grip (read too much) at the moment.

Actually feels quite balanced at the moment but when I get the alignment stuff I'll have it all set up and corner weighted for fast road/track as I plan on doing some track days at some point. Plus I drive like a loon.... (password = MTFTW)....

^ Notice the two "SLOW" warnings at 00:24 and 00:41 and the speedo says erm... 70 ish

Originally Posted by not-so-rednwhitecooper View Post
Mine may look a bit different, it looks to me like my tire was just a tad more meaty than yours are. The little extra helps fill out the wheel well.
I used to run 15's with 195/55/15 but couldn't get the brakes under then so switched to the 16's in 205/50/15... I looked at a 55 but was way too chunky really.
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