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I just made the switch from Aperture to Lightroom 5. I'm glad I did it pretty early in the learning stages of my new camera, because as you say the library change is a bit time consuming. Honestly, I kick myself for not making this switch earlier. Aperture offered a few of the basic elements that I gain from Lightroom, but LR5 is so much simpler and has a lot more to offer. Within 3-4 photos on LR5 I felt comfortable with most of the standard adjustments, and I had already created a generic edit to apply to all photos first which will speed up my editing significantly. Add to that the fact that I'm uploading to Flickr directly from the software now... ok, I could go on and on. If you're not doing HEAVY editing with layers and whatnot, you'll be very happy with LR5. I picked it up on sale on for $119, but if you're going to school you can probably get it cheaper through your program as most offer discounts on hardware and software needed for your studies.
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