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Originally Posted by JoMo View Post
Well, I haven't seen this thread in a while (obviously). You know I usually have a way of telling if people are cool or not, I was fishing a little with this cat. I see that he failed and not only that, I really think that he let that comment ruin his Christmas. Wow! I have spent a few minutes catching up on this thread and while trying to keep an open mind as if I weren't even involved, I've noticed that it looks like this kid came over here from NAM because he saw this bad ass sticker and just had to have one. He has no intent on contributing to this forum. I apologize if my little joke has seared your overly thin skin but step back for a minute and look at some of the bull sh!t that you have posted. I think you need help but for now why don't you just go away. You can come back when you have learned how not to be this kid that we have seen post.

You were fishing; great explanation. That says more about you I think than anything else. Didn't ruin my Christmas; It's FESTIVUS for the rest of us, or people like me.