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MEGANS have more adjust-ability then you could ever use on Street MINI. And in most cases unless you have a lot of patience and some form of device to measure you lateral force you might never feel changes?

As I posted you can work with spring rates and different spring companies to tailor what ride you want from MEGANS.

Megans may not be the hot ticket as with most coil overs for regular tract use. the fluid will heat very fast and the dampening rates changes for the worst. Expensive coil over are not immune to this and careful research not word of mouth is better when choosing for track MINI coil overs.
If you ever decide to go to a really great coil over pm me and I will give to contact to a company that has the test equipment for coil overs. I do not post it because to many have personal opinions abut what is best and it gets to be a highly debatable thread full of none tested data.
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