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Originally Posted by GOK4RT View Post
Whats Spring Binding?
Coil-bind is only found on McPherson strut applications due to the nature of the strut design. Coil-bind is a "springy" noise that only occurs at low speeds while turning the wheel. Typically, coil-bind is usually experienced for example when maneuvering at slow speeds in a parking lot, where speeds are low and there are a lot of steering angle inputs. The "springy" noises is distinct from the sharper, more direct noises that occur when the assembly is loose and a component is rattling and clunking around from the miscellaneous loads stressed upon the coil-over assembly.

Many times, coil-bind is difficult to diagnose and fix-- some vehicles experience this moreso than others, and it is not a brand-specific issue. What we have suggested as a coil-bind remedy is to apply grease to the upper and lower spring isolators, also referred to as noise prevention cushions. Grease should also be applied to the lower and upper pillow-ball bearing-- this step may require disassembly of the entire coil-over unit.
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A few other remedies found here:
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