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Originally Posted by GOK4RT View Post
Well, thanks gues for answering... I wonder what all that deep toned creaking is while I pull away from a stop or over uneven roads.
So you are saying that OEM Sway links are perfect length?
Maybe what I will do today is take off my wheels and start to lube everything up and see what happens from then. Maybe the Sway Bar bushings are too dry?
OK, as far as I see it you do have spring binding up front. I feel 99% certain on this. Lube will NOT help. Not knowing what suspension mods you have will make it a hard call on what the solution is, but most likely your top perches are bound up against the towers

The other noses could be this. When lowering a Mini this much you have now bound up the suspension pickups, bushings, a bit. The rear bushing on the front control arm is stressing out as it really needs to be pulled out and rotated so it now matches your ride height and angle of the control arm.
The rear trailing arm bushing is a much easier fix, but as it sits now it's bound up. With the car at ride height you need to loosen the control are pivot bolt. This will release the bind of that bushing. At the same time, before you tighten that pivot bolt back up you should do the same with all EIGHT rear control arm bolts as they are also now binding (unless you are running solid rod ends now). This will get the rear back to zero bind. Then tighten everything back up to torque specs.

Just can be lowing cars without doing all these things.
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