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So, I'm actually having a problem with the shield you mentioned. I noticed shortly after installing the wheels and coilovers that the handbrake cable you're talking about had some of the rubber insulation rubbed away on both sides at the same spot. It's routed just like in the picture, and there is around 8-10mm between the metal and the wheel, yet the rubber behind the strap is damaged. I can't see how it isn't from the wheel, but also can't see how it is, hahaha. Either way, I'm going to bend the strap back some this weekend and wrap some additional rubber hose around the cable to prevent further issues down the road.

As for the actual suspension setup on this car... I love how simple the design is. I was able to install the coilovers on mine in my garage with very few delays. The damper adjustment and camber plate access seem to have been designed to be simple to reach, too.
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