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that bike had more $$$ in parts on it than the original cost me. Started life as a rigid M1000. Broke the frame at the BB (jumping with the shop mechanic - 6'1" and 240ish + aluminum = bad idea). C'Dale was kind enough to send me a front suspension frame to replace it.

The shop moved all the Suntour XC Pro MicroDrive stuff over. Ran that until I wore it out. I had two sets of original Mavic SUP Ceramic with Suntour hubs, the other with Ringlé. I had the frame rebuilt in '00 with all new XT stuff and converted to V-brakes, 9sp, etc with a new rear Ringlé freehub.

At it's lightest, it tipped the scales at 22lbs. I kept breaking titanium and CF **** (shattered a Kestrel bar ), so it ended up around 23.5 with reliable parts on it.

I decided to sell it last summer to come up with enough cash for a $10k downpayment on the new MINI. Promised my wife she'd never notice the new payment and that was a sacrifice I had to make to get the extra car.
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