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be satisfied with what you have for now. save up for shorter springs with higher spring rates.

just making the springs go down lower on the shock body is not enough.
1) springs are rated for a certain load and to accommodate a specific amount of travel
2) your shocks have limited travel, you're taking that away
3) what happens when you eliminate shock travel and ride on bump stops? blown shocks bro
4) hit a bump hard with no shock travel? risk snapping engine mounts, mushroomed towers, cracked subframe, shitty ride, shitty performance

i won't go so far as saying it's DANGEROUS! YOU'RE GONNA KILL SOMEONE OR YOURSELF! no, it's not that serious. but heed this warning: if you cheap out now, you could incur more expensive repairs. better to save up the measly $200-400 for the right springs or deal with blown megan shocks and a car that is immobile and/or sucks to drive.

and realistically, my suggestion is probably not even the best solution, you'd need a shorter shock AND springs.

it's too bad it's not a shock inside of a sleeve then you could just swap that bitch out with a shorter shock and a spacer and do exactly what you described up top.
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