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Originally Posted by cole9953 View Post
paceman is growing on me! how is the all4 in the snow/ rain?

I was always jealous of my buddy who had an evo8, on rainy days he always had traction and I would just sit there spinning....
Trust me: we had whole lota mess in last few weeks in Toronto (crack smoking Mayor , ice storm, snow storm,...).

redBARON never let me down! Even with 225/50/17 Hankook winter rubber, never a slip... On the light, up the hill: never a spin... I am so glad I went with ALL4. I drove it over some shitty roads and fields last fall (for work) and now in winter. Happy!
I know it looks high off the ground, but I will not lower it for sure. Possibilities of driving car like this on various terrains is far more important for me than looking cool on the parking lot or at the stop light. And, I still zipp up and down on/off ramps on highway...

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