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Default House of Hot Rods and Custom Classics

I know we have a thread for Rat Rods and one for muscle cars, but not a thread for just clean custom classics and hot rods.

Over the past year I have gotten more and more into the custom classic cars or "restomods". I have been in the minitruck scene with my Ranger years ago and the stance scene with my Focus and Miata. I'd love to someday combine what I have learned and use it to build a classic. I'm a huge fan of the cars of the 50s and early to mid 60s. The cars had so much character with their interiors and fins. In a way, it's going back to my roots since I grew up going to car shows with my parents who showed and restored 55-57 Chevys.

Anyway, feel free to share any pictures of hot rods and clean custom (even if it's just lowered) classics. Try to keep it to vehicles 25 years and older.
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