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I'll get you those tomorrow....

It's best to PM or email me. Soon we'll have a phone # too

We are still trying to work the bugs out of this. Add to that the holiday madness and I have to admit we have not been as on top of the game as I want us to be. A few of ya'll have tried us and I thank you for the business. I apologize it's taken a little longer to get items out then we like. Yesterday the FedEx truck didn't come. We had it all ready but when that happens there is not much we can do. We even tried to get FedEx to upgrade the shipping to 2 day...hah.

This weekend I'm working with my brother who designs call centers to install some pretty trick IP telephony stuff in the house. I'll have a phone # ya'll can call that I can create all kinds of mazes to get to a human. I hate those mazes so this will be quite simple. Pretty much as long as I am online it will go right to me. When I'm not there will be voice mail that I can anyplace I am with net connection. Heck I could even go hang at starbucks, suck up their wifi and sip lattes all day while handling your parts needs.

Thanks for giving David and myself a chance.

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