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Originally Posted by redandblackminis View Post
Can someone explain to me what all needs to be modified to fit, and what the process is like? Bag riders is saying I will need to drill new holes in the rears and modify the front knuckles for the fronts to fit. Doesn't sound very plug and play to me?
Uhhh... From what I know of, the rears pretty much bolt right up to your stock upper mounts and after putting the bushings in the bottom of the strut that bolts right up too. The fronts you're supposed to grind out the knuckles a little bit and shave the powder coating off the strut so they will fit and I am pretty sure you have to drill new holes in your strut towers because the MkV GTI fronts won't fit the three factory Mini holes for the upper mounts. Not really a big deal because you just stagger the holes so you can always go back to your stock suspension if you wanted to. Basically this kit is just MkV GTI front bellows and Airlift Universal AOS sleeve style bags for the rear. It is about as close to plug and play as you're going to get for a Mini right now unless you want to get the Airrex ones that don't go low at all.
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