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Default About Duell

So I am pretty sure I am going to be perma-banned on NAM after a thread started about this but, I thought maybe you guys over here would be way more interested in it or at least more understanding.

During MTTS this year I got spend some time with Vince from GT Concepts out of Redwood, California who happens to be the American distributor of Duell. He brought up some pretty cool info about an engine that Duell is working on for the N14/N18. They are currently building a race application motor for the 25hr of Thunderhill which they are going to display at SEMA this year and also with the intent of releasing it to the public as a reliable high horsepower street application. Their goal is to get the price to somewhere are $5-6k which would be inline with buying an engine from MINI. Hopefully everything works out and they can release this product.
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