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They are also working on one for the n18 but, they started with n14 first because their product car(no sure if that is the right term) is a 2010 with the n14. Shortly after the n14 build they should be coming out with a n18 version which yes should be better but, the carbon build up problem is no completely ruled out yet. If no one has any issues in the next year to two then yeah it doesn't have that problem. The only thing that I really think that makes the n18 way better is the fact that it is double Vanos. That right there opens up a lot for the tuning world but, I digress.

Thanks for being a lot more understanding. The guys on NAM are being a bunch of wankers about it to the point where I am no longer going to feed that thread. I forgot to add that Duell is going to try and keep the price of this kit in the $5-6k area. Which is roughly the cost of a new engine from MINI. So that gives people another option.
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