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Originally Posted by Porthos View Post
It is going to have a fully ported and polished head. Vince at GT Concept was informing me that the valves in the head are from another car that fit(the material I am about to say good be wrong because I forgot) and he mentioned that they were going be titanium. As far the internals yes the are going to be forged and a lot stronger and lighter. If I remember correctly he was mentioning doing something to the crankshaft too. As fars as HP predictions he is realistic about it and that the engine itself should handle 400hp but, it is all about the tuning to get it there.

I really wish I could answer more of your questions and I am trying to get him to open and speak about it to get the word out but, I was kind of drinking that night and forgot a lot.

The CEO of Duell was in San Fran for the kick off party of MTTS. It is crazy but, from what I gather he is out here a lot. Plus the engine is being specifically built for 25hr of Thunderhill.
Also most of the parts are being farmed here in the US to cut down prices.
Overall what you are talking about Porthos is what every race engine I have had my hands on. See image

Click the image to open in full size.

Titanium valves are nothing new, LS7 7.0L V8 comes stock with 2.200in Titanium valve. Titanium is a great valve material.

If it has aftermarket H or I beam rods (Carillo), aftermarket pistons (JE or CP) it will support way more then 400hp. Its all in the head, cam, fuel system, and tuning that will make whatever power you want. Its all in the math and science at that point unless they are just throwing shit together to see what happens which is the true tuner way to do it which is also the wrong way to do it.

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