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Originally Posted by Porthos View Post
I think you are missing the point. Where is it that you see this for the MINI. This is finally someone taking a chance on the N14/N18. Please don't turn this into the bash fest it was on NAM.
Im not missing the point or making it a bashfest. All you need for a successful engine program is a block that has structural rigidity, and good oiling. Next you need a rotating assembly that has has good rods with the biggest and best rod bolts possible which Carrillo has both the rod and fasteners to fit that bill. Then forged 2618 pistons I prefer Diamond, Wiseco or Ross but Arias, CP, or JE do fine as well. The bottom-end only supports horsepower which means it doesn't make the power. The the power is made in the head so you need a head and induction system that flows great, cams to control the powerband's nature. Then onces all that is rock solid its all down to the tuning. There is a lot of math and science that goes into building an engine. Unlike the tuners methodology of throwing shit together and seeing what happens is the best way to flush money down the toilet.
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