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Originally Posted by Shawnster
I understand where he is coming from, and don't think he is being unreasonable at all. It's his house, his rules.
I just don't like it and I think it's sad that people can't handle it. I do like the idea of each member having the ability to turn on their own filter. Just my humble opinion. I'm sure the Bush administration would be happy though.
I agree with you, man. Bringing politics into it, I'm a registered Libertarian, so I see where you're coming from completely. However, as an adult, I also see where idealism and practicality come into play. Ideally, yes, I would love it if I could leave the filter off and trust people to only use profanity when it's really necessary to put their point across. In practice though, people throw profanity around like 4th graders pretty often, which can get annoying and possibly turn people (member and vendor alike) away from our forums.

Finding the balance is difficult, no doubt. If you can find me a plug-in for vBulletin that allows people to control whether they see profanity or not, on a per-user basis, I would be open to considering it for installation on our forums.
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