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Default Getting Started in SCCA Autocross

Given the sorry state of our local Los Angeles BMWCCA autocross, here's some help getting your car classed for the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) autocross (also referred to as "solo") if anyone else wants to join me in running the SCCA events.


First, you'll find it very helpful to JOIN SCCA. While not a requirement to run locally, there is a $15 discount for each event to SCCA members here in Los Angeles (member price is $25, non SCCA is $40). So, if you do this a few times you'll pay for your SCCA membership. Having a membership also allows you to then get a points card (a whole other mess I'll explain in future posting). For now, let's just say it would be a very good idea to join SCCA if you want to run their events.


The following isn't meant to be all inclusive, but rather a basic overview of the SCCA Classing process. The 2007 SCCA Solo Rules (PDF link)dictate explicitely what can and can not be done to the cars in each class and which cars can race in which classes.

Stock -> Street Touring -> Street Prepared -> Street Modified

Classing generally follows the path outlined above, with each class generally permitting more modifications (the major exception being tires).

Stock Class
COOPER = H-Stock (HS)
COOPER S = G-Stock (GS)
05/06 JCW = B-Stock (BS)

Permitted Modifications
  • Any Struts - including adjustable damping
  • Any FRONT swaybar
  • Panel Air Filter
  • Cat-back exhaust
  • Harnesses (Quick-fit or similar) and C.G. Locks
  • Wheels must be stock size and stock offset within 5mm. This means 15x5.5 and 16x6.5 for the MC and 16x6.5 and 17x7 for the MCS.
  • R-compound Tires - Hoosier A6, Kumho V710, or similar. Street tires are also acceptable, but won't be very competitive since race tires are permitted in this class.
  • Brake pads may be replaced
  • Spare tire and tool kit may be removed
  • Roll bars or roll cages may be added
  • airbags may not be removed
Basically, that's about the extent of the modifications that can be done. Lowering Springs, Rear Sway Bars, camber plates, camber links, cone filters, lighter seats, interior gutting, headwork, cams, engine dampeners, USS, Strut Braces, BBK's, brake stiffeners, slotted rotors, etc..... ARE NOT PERMITTED IN STOCK CLASS.

Street Touring
COOPER = Street Touring Stock (STS)
COOPER S = Street Touring Extreme (STX)

Permitted Modifications
  • All of the STOCK class modifications with the exception of tires
  • Tires in street touring must have a wear rating above 140
  • Tires may but up to 225 wide in STS and 245 wide in STX.
  • Wheels may be up to 7.5" wide for STS and 8.0" wide for STX
  • Coilovers, rear swaybars, camber plates, camber links, are all OK in STS.
  • You may have non stock seats, but you must still have the same number of functional seats. This means you can not gut your interior, but you may put in lighter racing buckets if you'd like.
  • The air conditioning may be removed.
  • Cone filters are acceptable
  • Spoilers/splitters may be added
  • cross drilled/slotted rotors
  • lightweight batteries are ok as long as voltage remains the same
  • batteries may be relocated
  • Limited Slip Differentials may be added
Street Prepared
COOPER = F Street Prepared (FSP)
COOPER S and JCW and JCW GP = D Street Prepared (DSP)

Permitted Modifications
  • Anything permitted in Stock or Street Touring is basically ok in Steet Prepared.
  • Race Tires may be used
  • Any wheel width, size, or offset may be used
  • Cross drilled and slotted rotors are ok, BBK's are not.
  • Bump stops may be altered or removed

Street Modified
COOPER = Street Modified (SM)
COOPER S = Street Modified (SM)

Permitted Modifications
  • All stock, street touring, and street prepared modifications are permitted.
  • Gutting of the interior is permitted
  • Windows may be removed
  • Wheels up to 12" wide are permitted.
  • BBK's
  • Cams and head work

*** IF YOU HAVE A JCW GP: currently the only class you are permitted to run in is DSP


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