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What is a Points Card and why do I need one?

A points card is used to assign you a number for the year. This allows you to do a few things:

1. Run in the points series to be ranked in the final year end class standings.
2. Being a part of the series makes you eligible to trophy in your class for the year.
3. Having an assigned number also lets you get magnetics made with your assigned number (numbers must be at least 8" tall). NOTE: is a good source for numbers and class letters
4. In Los Angeles, having a points card means you can pre-register for championship events. It also can give you registration priority for practices.

In short, it's a good deal that allows you participate more fully in the events.

What is a "club"?

Basically to get a points card, you'll need to designate that you belong to a "club". This club will be designated to get your points should you place well. Some clubs are marquee specific (for instance Team BLEW in SoCal is for Subaru owners).

I chose to join team No Bucks (No $) for the following reasons:
1) I liked the No Bucks name and the No Dues, No Problems mentality.
2) Gio was one of the heads of the No Bucks club.
So far, so good. I'd recommend No Bucks to anyone else who wants to get a points card.

For Los Angeles Autocrossers:

Follow this link to check to see what numbers are available
Then follow this link to complete you points card application
Once you have a points card follow this link and you can register on (the website for the L.A. SCCA)


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