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plan on using a pressure bleeder or by depressing the pedal? And just bleed or fully flush the system, if the fluid is 3-4 years old might want to just flush it, isnt much more work is you are using a bleeder.

It really is not difficult if you are mechanically incline, I did it for the first time 2 months ago, think it took me about 4 hours including getting all the tools together, car in the air/wheels off, changing the brake lines and fully flushing the system. Bear in mind I work slow and methodically while doing new things wit my car lol I could see it being done in about 2 hours or less for the first time if you keep a steady pace and have everything ready.

If you plan to use a bleeder or flush the system (which i suggest as it makes life so much easier) i can write you up a step by step guide of what i did if youd like.

have about 5k miles since doing it and everything seems to be perfect, brake pedal feels much stiffer and responsive.

If you are just going to pump the pedal to bleed the new line you should have a buddy help to monitor the bleed valve as you pump the pedal etc. Never done it this way, but i assume you crack the bleed valve on the caliper, pump the pedal until the fluid runs out clear of bubbles, also while ensuring you have enough fluid in the reservior as you go. Working from pass. rear to driver rear, pass. front, driver front.
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