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Originally Posted by redandblackminis View Post
I know that there is a guy running Hydros on his MINI and he said they handle very similar to a very stiff coilovers, which is exactly what I want (and the main reason I despise air-ride... the horrible handling).
This is confusing to me....^

What caused you to come to the conclusion that air-ride handles poorly but hydros handle well?

With Hydros and Air, handling will rely entirely on your own development and engineering of the system.

A poorly setup Air-Ride will handle incredibly soft. A poorly setup hydro setup will be way way way too stiff and handle like crap(no travel at all). Just like when you buy poorly designed coilovers (Vmaxx).

A properly setup Air-Ride or a properly setup Hydro system will both handle incredibly well. Equivalent to most quality street coilovers.

It'd be much easier to develop a performance airride setup than a hydro setup....but both are possible.

Both will cost $2.5k-$5k if you want a quality setup that handles well. There aren't any good kits out for either, so it will be up to you to design. The handling will depend heavily on your knowledge of suspension dynamics, travel, and air/hydraulics.
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