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Originally Posted by redandblackminis View Post
I'm assuming the shop where I would get it installed would more than likely (if they're a reputable shop) know how to accomodate all of these things, or would I need to sort all of these things out before I ordered the kit?

I will check out the build thread. Thanks for the info!
I could imagine the costs of installation with custom work to accommodate your desired ride height and handling specs would cost a small fortune. Not to mention the trial and error it would take to get the end result.

As it is essentially a one off / unique set up, you would most likely end up wanting to tweak it all yourself as you learn how the car handles with the new set up and hence adjust accordingly.

My car is on coils and it has taken me over a year of tweaking and testing to find what angles and settings to run. Something a shop would have a hard time doing in a week.

Just my 2 cents.
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