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Originally Posted by iDiaz View Post
Hm... You seriously underestimate the power of a solid alignment. Especially considering the medium-speed stability problems, none of that will help you out more than the right alignment.

My advice is to get the camber plates and lower control arms first. These two parts, combined with the toe adjustment all cars already have, will net you the biggest gains in exit speed and stability.

Engine damper will help you feel a little more connected to the car, but I'm gonna upgrade the engine and gearbox bushings before I resort to a bolt-on engine damper. It just seems like a better idea to me, but it's up to you.
True, I've driven iDiaz's MCS in the canyons and it handles superbly. What a difference an alignment makes! My car is pretty unstable right now because I have yet to get a proper alignment and I never adjusted my front camber

I use an engine damper I think its a good bolt on mod to help you feel connected with the car and to help smooth things out. Plus it's easily reversible!
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