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Originally Posted by brownMINI View Post
Alignment is huge. Of course, to get a good alignment you might need to add some parts. Like front camber plates, and rear control arms. Since my car isn't lowered much (JCW suspension), my rear camber was fine with just the stock control arms. If you're lowered, you'll probably need control arms in the back to lose some camber.

If you're running lowering springs on the stock struts, get some new struts that are designed for lowering springs. It'll make a big difference. I always shake my head when I see cars that are slammed, but pogo-stick over the bumps because they're so under-damped. Usually it's a Honda, but I have seen a few MINIs do it too.
the koni yellows will work with my koni lowering springs right? arnt they the shocks that come with the lowering springs in their little kit?

my car isnt slammed, only about an inch mabye alittle more.. I can tell the car has more negative camber in the back, not so much the front at all.
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