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I'm currently entertaining the idea of going with airride to get the ride height I want....

For the controller, I'm looking to go with the Easy Street auto-pilot which offers a lot of cool options. Comes complete with all the pressure senders to monitor each bag and the tank separately. Gonna stick with the Easy street 3/8 valves as well because they offer an easy plug and play with the autopilot system. I'm planning to run 1/4" line which most people say is too slow....but I'm not a big fan of the fast up and down motion.

Click the image to open in full size.

I need to see the clubman trunk in person, but the plan is to go with a Viair compressor(s). If I decide to go with a complete stealth install and hide the tank in the wheel well, I'm going to go with a 3 gallon tank and a Viair 480...if not I'll probably go with a 5 gallon tank and a dual Viair setup.

The bags are another thing that will really need to wait until I can get under the car and take real measurements....but I plan to work with a local company that has been putting together new parts for the VW crowd. They do some custom work with shortened Konis and UAV air bags. The fronts should fit no problem...I just need to figure out how to fit airbags in the rear.

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The problem with the rear is that the swaybar fits VERY close to the rear springs, which are already a small diameter (about 4.25" OD) Most bags are 5" in diameter and you can't chance rubbing them with the sway bar.

pics of the problem area:
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