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Unhappy Another bad Radiator Fan resistor+other issues

Ok, so Ive had this 05 R53 for 5 months now and my clutch slave cylinder said byebye. So I went to a local shop to get it fix (E2 services aka 1fastMini for those of you that live in the orlando area). While I was there, I had them do a run down on what I should expect to replace in the near future. They ended up giving me a list:

1. slight leak from the oil filter housing gasket (probably wont fix this; I dont mind small leaks and I always keep an eye on all my fluids) $173

2. small PS line leak. (again, probably wont fix this unless it gets really bad. I've topped it off once since I have had the car) $700!!!

3. And finally, a bad low speed fan function resistor... $600 total including labor. I understand that the high speed function kicks in at either 230F or when the AC is on. I read of people on the forum that had this issue and their cars overheated. So today I ran the car hard all the way back from work with the AC off. The temp needle never went past the midpoint line...

should I still fix this?? I live in florida so I run my AC 98% of the time the other 2% being January and when I autox. Should I fix any of the other issues???

The guys at the shop told me I have to replace the whol rad assembly with the BMW one or else it'll cause more issues down the road if I use an aftermarket resistor or fan kit...

I really don't want to spend money on this unless necessary beacuse I'd rather be moding/tuning the car with that money.

(my previous car was a miata which I sold at 317K miles, had a hand full of leaks and still drove the crap out of it at the track/autox).
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