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Default Tit does (Targa) Tassie an Aussie who's into motorsport, it's natural to be totally into the Targa Tasmania. Why? Imagine some of the best driving roads in the world being assaulted for a week every year by some amazing machinery...

This race was perhaps made famous by Eric Bana in recent years in this movie:

Anyway....the wife and I decided that we had to finally get down to Tasmania. I plotted a route that would cover as many of the 2013 Targa stages as possible, while still enjoying everything Tasmania could offer (in one week, at least)...

I write this as we sit in Hobart. Now. I've driven the Stelvio Pass. I've driven the Nurburgring. I've driven most of the South Island of New Zealand. And I have to say, I've never been anywhere where you can string so many kilometres of amazing road together. Imagine literally being able to drive for hours on amazing twisty roads.

With no other traffic.

We originally planned to take the 964, but a leak at the oil cooler took the wind out of those sails. But we have, to be serious, a perfect option in the garage right next to the Porsche....a 2009 JCW.

She's perfectly setup for it...KW V1's, camber plates, thicker RSB, control arms, recaro seats. It's got decent tires and an aggressive alignment setup (for the street). goes...

Day 1 - Canberra to Melbourne & The "Spirit of Tasmania"

We started with a seven hour boring highway drive to Melbourne. We hopped on the Spirit of Tasmania for the ten hour ride...lucky we had a cabin and could sleep...

On the way to Holbrook

Click the image to open in full size.

It was once a Greek cruise-ship....

Click the image to open in full size.

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