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Dragging out an old thread. It's time for me to fix my fan motor.
I was looking for a comparison of the aftermarket fan motors but only see some rather mixed reviews of them individually.

In Canada the MINI fan costs $600
The TYC and Dorman fans cost about $240 or $150 from Amazon.

I was about to get the Dorman fan as it seems to have the better quality resistor than the TYC one when, like this thread suggested, to just replace the resistor.

My existing fan motor still works except for the low speed, but unless you do it yourself, most mechanics won't replace just the resistor.

I think I am too old now to try and fix it myself. Also, my MINI is going on 13 years old and has lots of miles on it so it probably is a matter of time before the motor brushes wear out on the original fan anyways.

Should I spend the big bucks and buy an original MINI fan motor, ask for the old one back and then do the resistor upgrade mod myself and keep the old unit around as a spare?

Or just buy the Dorman unit and keep the old one as a spare with the resistor upgrade.
My hesitation is in the reviews for any of the aftermarket fan motors. It appears their working life is about 2 years then the motor goes (not the resistor).

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