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Default R50 battery relocation

This has been discussed to death but still hasn't turned up any really useful information.

I've been thinking about trying to relocate my battery either to the trunk (cooper s location) or even just right behind the passenger seat (either in a battery box or with a dry cell) The reason for this is that a majority of the performance intakes were designed for the cooper S thus they go up against the firewall and the R50 intakes are not exactly CAI's.

What I've gathered so far:
Cooper S harness has an explosive charge for "auto disconnect of the battery in an accident"
a factory cooper S harness has battery terminals in the engine bay for jump start
a cooper S harness is heavy for it's function
$400 approx. is the cost of that harness and all of it's extras.
regular batteries need to be sealed in a vented battery box due to toxic fumes
minimum gain (weight, balance, power, etc) I want to do it for future mods and personal satisfaction.

I'm sure i'm missing more things for that list. Just to be clear, i'm not jumping right into this in the next week or so. I'm just figuring things out for this summer before my big trip to Eurohanger
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