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I was supposed to be on this cruise...but bowed out due to circumstances...looking at the footage though, I most likely would have been one of the leaders and for sure one of the targeted MINI's...
Talking to some of the members, the police couldn't even tell them where they were speeding stating that the speed limit was 10km/hour less than what it actually was for the majority of the Hwy...
I've done this run for the past four years and there has been absolutely ZERO concern shown to us by ANYONE living or policing the area. This whole thing has RED FLAGS all over it and smells worse than a jock left to bake in the Arizona Sun!
Funny how the part they didn't show was the Police Officer dashing out onto the HWY to start the flagging down of these guys...there is so much wrong with the whole situation I can't even get my thoughts in order...even a week after it happened!!!
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