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Originally Posted by iDiaz
As long as it takes for two existing members to sponsor you for membership, really. There's no set time limit, but obviously the longer you're around and the more you post, the more likely it is that you'll be sponsored and voted in.

If you're denied, it's up to your sponsors to go for the re-vote.

? Membership Prerequisites
  • Must be "sponsored" by two (2) existing ? members.
  • Must have recently attended a minimum of two (2) automotive events.
  • Submit a prospective membership profile, patterned after ? profile format.
  • Must gain a 2/3 majority "yes" vote, and no more than two (2) "no" votes.
  • Polls last for two (2) weeks, or when aforementioned requirement for 2/3 majority "yes" votes has been met, or more than two (2) "no" votes have been cast, whichever comes first.
  • Two (2) consecutive "no" poll results will require a one (1) month waiting period before another poll can be taken.
  • Must agree to ? membership maintenance terms.
This might sound dumb....but do you need to own a mini to be a member?
I understand why melissa is a member...she ordered her and its on its way. But I'm too poor to afford a mini and have to stick with my 4runner.

I won't be offended if i can't be a member.

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