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Default Fireballed! Racing

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As we approach the new Torrance home of FIREBALLED! Racing, the first thing we wonder is, "How can this be the home of someone as colorfully excess as Fireball Tim?" The parking lot full of Hummers and BMWs compliment the dismantled former home of Staples. It wasn't until we entered the lot and saw the brightly colored concrete stops that we realized we found the place. Less than a block from South Bay MINI, this is an ideal location.

We were greeted with the ultimate in morning refreshments: Monster energy drinks and donuts. By adding some chips, cookies, and brownies, the energy became visible. We were quickly bought off with super secret presents (mine was a purple Lotus Elise Hot Wheels with a chrome interior). Nothing else had to be said or done. The ninety minute drive was justified.

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proof of some of the tasty treets...

The beginnings of the shop show a visual masterpiece in the making. Bright colors, outlined bricks and painted floors are just the start. This will be no ordinary shop. A café, lounge area, and video games will all fit within various movie themes. Though grayscale is often too colorful for me, the outrageous plan of styles by Fireball Tim brings a smile to my mouth (it could have been watching us all take turns trying to help paint a wall bright orange). This will actually be a place MINI owners will visit just to hang out.

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