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Originally Posted by iDiaz View Post
I agree with you, man. Bringing politics into it, I'm a registered Libertarian, so I see where you're coming from completely. However, as an adult, I also see where idealism and practicality come into play. Ideally, yes, I would love it if I could leave the filter off and trust people to only use profanity when it's really necessary to put their point across. In practice though, people throw profanity around like 4th graders pretty often, which can get annoying and possibly turn people (member and vendor alike) away from our forums.

Finding the balance is difficult, no doubt. If you can find me a plug-in for vBulletin that allows people to control whether they see profanity or not, on a per-user basis, I would be open to considering it for installation on our forums.
My problem with forums like these is more related to personal attacks/flame wars. Honest discussion gets lost amid the warfare. I think some of the heavy-handedness I've seen by mods on "other sites" that prevents anybody from even being able to discuss/mention a particular topic just because it's been deemed off limits. That's the REAL censorship, not asking people to disagree and behave like adults.

Personally, I'm kinda a laissez-faire kinda guy.
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